2019 in Wilton, California. Me and the horse I leased, Powder River Bambi (aka Alice).

If the title of this article made you click to this article, good, I hope you will mindfully read it.

Last December, I started syndicating several of my articles on animal agriculture, raising meat and butchering on Medium. While there a little bit of positive reception, there…

Cadie came into my life last week. I purchased her as a project horse from a sweet, young trainer who’d rescued her from an abusive home. She’d started her rehab, but couldn’t take it any further. I drove almost to the Canadian border to see her, even though I’d already decided to buy…

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Travel and tourism have taken a serious blow because of COVD-19; the pandemic has brought travel to a near standstill. By the end of this year, it’s estimated that the U.S. travel and tourism industry will have lost $505 billion dollars, and those losses won’t be recovered until 2024. The industry has now entered what The Travel U.S. Association has called, “The Great Travel Recession.”

Are Americans going to travel again? Yes. According…

How to butcher a whole animal and cook the different cuts

In the last three years, I’ve learned a lot about food, farming, and agriculture. It’s only recently that I’ve begun to write about it. While most people would have documented the process end-to-end, learning about food production and the sciences related to it was something I found to be a very personal experience.

I was learning and unlearning so rapidly, I had no desire to try and articulate it during the process. …

It never ceases to amaze me how complicated we make food, health, and nutrition. It even trickles over into what we have in our kitchens to cook with. Believe it or not, you may think that your kitchen has to be stocked with tons of different things to make fantastic food at home.

It really doesn’t. Especially if you are someone who’s just learning to cook more at home, starting to learn to like doing it, but still want efficiency…

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In my last post, I talked about how women’s relationship with food became so fragmented and broken, especially for multi-ethnic women over 40, like myself. In this post, we’re going to go through a series of questions and exercises that can help begin to heal that relationship.

So how do you begin to fix your relationship with food?

The first thing you have to do… is stop.

Stop reading books, stop reading blogs, unfollow all the so-called social media gurus. Just stop. …

It’s 2020, and we, as women, we’re taking our health into our own hands. We’re trying to make more informed decisions; we’re ditching healthcare for self-care, we’re trading in prescription drugs for CBD.

When it comes to our food we’re eating better, for the most part. Yeah, we’re eating more vegetables and we know wholesome food is good for us, but many of us are still eating too many processed foods due to time and cost constraints.

And despite an…

Last year, I identified four major food trends that were forever changing grocery stores. In that article, I talked about the revival of butcher shops and shopping at farmers' markets. In late February, the coronavirus pandemic hit the U.S. and we shut down our country in hopes of avoiding a large death toll.

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Three days ago, a friend of mine told me she had $5 to her name after buying what little food she could afford. She’s a single mom, has three children, and looking for employment. Having just canned and preserved 50 pounds of fruit and vegetables, I told her to come over and get anything she needed.

She said:

I said:

She came over and I gave her preserves, eight pounds of meat, as much fresh fruit as I could fit in the box. This morning…

Macala Wright.

In the last year, I’ve talked a lot about meat. When it comes to the meat we eat, people want to know where it comes from, what it ate, and ultimately understand the quality of the life it lived before it died. These are great questions, and now people are starting to ask, “How did it die?” The answers aren’t as easy to find. So I updated the original article I created on this topic to have a more factual account of how your meat reaches your plate.

I Raised and Slaughtered My Own Meat

Two years ago, I began raising my own meat. I started with…

Macala Wright

Data Analyst and Strategist for Food and Ag. I’m badass cowgirl who raises her own meat and can always bee found with my horses. http://maca.la

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